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Vrutika, longtime YAS member
Working with Youth Ambassadors of Service has been nothing short of an incredible, transformative experience. I learned that I can serve the community through whatever my strengths and passions were, and I gained invaluable skills through that process. Through various service projects, I not only saw the tangible differences, but saw the impact of empathy and responsibility among local teens. 



Act & Advance

Act & Advance serves as the foundational entry point for students to learn about service through hosting drives and participating in workshops. This eight-month program allows students to gain experience facilitating service projects with local nonprofits and inspires them to find their passions for future careers. Students will be able to discover their niche and master skills to help build partnerships and host initiatives in coordination with nonprofit organizations.


Throughout this program, students engage in a variety of events and activities to support nonprofits. Additionally, Act & Advance members and the student board meet monthly to participate in workshops, learn from  community leaders, and learn vital skills essential to completing their service projects. 

The application for the 2024-25 school year is now open. 

Shailen, Student Board Chair
When I first joined YAS, the world of service seemed like a scary thing to enter, to tackle. But YAS changed everything with their unwavering support. Mentors empowered me to lead service projects that uplifted others, helping me discover my passion for service. By mobilizing youth to engage with our community, YAS transforms students into forces for good. I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop confidence, leadership skills, and humility. 



Young Nonprofit Fellowship

The Young Nonprofit Fellowship provides a richer experience within the nonprofit sector through an academic-year-long internship placement at a local partner organization. 


As a Fellow, you will gain experience in a professional setting, develop important skills, and explore careers related to the nonprofit sector. You will also make your way through our proprietary leadership and service curriculum which features reflections, self-paced trainings, and monthly meetings with your cohort. 


To complete your fellowship, you will plan a large-scale project, known as an Impact Initiative, for your host nonprofit to benefit the community. YAS mentors will be there along the entire process to provide guidance and support as you complete your fellowship project and internship tasks.

Valencia Hicks
President & Founder, Empower All

We, at Empower All, are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Youth Ambassadors of Service (YAS). YAS not only teaches students how to execute meaningful service projects but also connects them with nonprofits through internships, fostering a culture of giving back and advocacy for the welfare of North Carolina citizens.

Our experience with YAS interns has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their flexibility, initiative, and dedication have greatly enriched our organization. Their insightful input and exceptional organizational support have proven invaluable to our team. We are proud to collaborate with YAS and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future. 



Scaling community service

Students are often looped into service learning and volunteerism programs that rely on planning by adults. The last comprehensive survey in the U.S. found that while a majority of high schools offered opportunities for community service and/or service learning, less than 15% of schools have a dedicated educator to lead these efforts, and only a third have policies in place that support intentional programming around service. There is less information available about young people participating in non-school-related service. 


In 2023, we began developing a partnership with St. Mary's School to support the entire sophomore class through their required service learning hours. This relationship highlighted a clear opportunity to provide quality, youth-led training and development at scale. 

Our proprietary youth service and leadership curriculum uniquely positions us to effectively support schools, church groups, nonprofits, and other youth organizations in their community service initiatives. We provide education, project planning support, access to a growing partner network, and customizable mentorship and office hours. 

Beginning in 2024, we will work closely with a select group of schools in the Triangle to pilot this program (yet to be named!). Each engagement will be highly customized and will require partners who are committed to making service accessible to their youth group. 

Ready to take the next step? 


Youth Ambassadors of Service is by youth, for youth. We give power to young people by following your lead and decision-making at every level.


Our programs prepare young people to engage in impactful community initiatives and support the nonprofit ecosystem in North Carolina by training and developing civic-minded leaders.


Whether you are a young person looking to get active in your community, a nonprofit partner in need of intern support, or another collaborator, we hope you're inspired to get involved! 


We began four years ago as a small initiative in a single high school. Read more about our journey from General Services Foundation to Youth Ambassadors of Service. 

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