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General Services Foundation is now Youth Ambassadors of Service!


Our evolution into Youth Ambassadors of Service—YAS for short—was inevitable! In addition to a better overall alignment with our *refreshed* mission, vision, and values, we believe that our new brand better reflects what we do and where we are headed.

Mission: Youth Ambassadors of Service (YAS) mobilizes high school students by teaching them how to execute community service projects and connecting them to nonprofits through internships, and serves as an advocate for the nonprofit sector to promote the welfare of the citizens of the State of North Carolina.

Vision: We envision a world where service is accessible to all youth and they are empowered to utilize their strengths to create change in their communities.


Values: Servant Leadership. Empathy. Mentorship. Lifelong Curiosity.


Proven Process: Our two programs for students—Act and Advance and Young Nonprofit Fellowship—make up a self-sustaining pipeline that focuses on career skills-building, mentorship, and youth leadership.


To fully transition, YAS will undergo a staggered brand release. Our logo and name will appear updated in most places beginning January 1, 2024. We appreciate your presence and support as we update our information across media.


Our website will undergo continuous maintenance in January, however, you can access information about our programs on this landing page beginning January 1, 2024. Please note that during this period, some parts of the website will not be accessible. If you have specific questions about our organization, please get in touch with us at

Click one of the buttons below to learn more about our two core programs. 


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NOTE: Youth Ambassadors of Service is a registered DBA (doing business as). This means if you look up our EIN, our former name will populate.


First Giving Campaign

Youth Ambassadors of Service is happy to announce our inaugural fundraising campaign, GivingFest!


This first GivingFest is important for many reasons, one being that it coincides with our rebrand. We could not imagine a better way to celebrate our growth as an organization than to invite you to become part of our new legacy as Youth Ambassadors of Service.


Learn more about our giving initiative and donate online. 


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