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Our Mission

Building civic-minded leaders.

Youth Ambassadors of Service (YAS) mobilizes high school students by teaching them how to execute community service projects and connecting them to nonprofits through internships, and serves as an advocate for the nonprofit sector to promote the welfare of the citizens of the State of North Carolina. 

The Vision

Service for all.

We envision a world where service is accessible to all youth, and they are empowered to utilize their strengths to create change in their communities.

Our Values

How we lead.

We inspire each other to take positive action in our communities by empowering youth advocates with the core values of Servant Leadership, Empathy, Mentorship, and Lifelong Curiosity. 

Leading through service is at the forefront of our work. We support our members, listen to their ideas, and empower them to reach their full potential through service. 

Mentorship is a crucial part of how we do our work. We cultivate a culture of learning, collaboration, and mutual respect, where wisdom is shared and futures are shaped.

Our student leaders come to us with deep wells of empathy and compassion.
We have the easy job of helping youth use their empathy to serve their communities.

As young leaders, we know that there is so much to learn. That's why we encourage our members to remain curious, and we help them build their confidence in trying new things. 

The Work

Youth Ambassadors of Service (YAS) helps future leaders turn their ideas into reality while working in partnership with our local and global communities. We do this by proactively facilitating and guiding members through the steps of their service projects and as a liaison between the members and partner organizations.


Our process focuses on career skills-building, mentorship, and youth leadership, generating a self-sustaining pipeline of service-minded individuals equipped with the tools they need to impart positive change in our communities. 


Our People

The magic of YAS is our intergenerational structure. We are a youth-first organization where young people lead programming, make important decisions, manage operations, and do so much more. Our board of directors serves as our safety-net-of-sorts, providing keen insights and guiding us through the nuances and challenges of leadership. 


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