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Ornament Fundraiser

What started this project?

Krisha and Esha wanted to work with the Holt Brothers Foundation, a non-profit founded by two brothers, Terrence and Torry Holt, who lost their mother due to cancer, and honor her legacy and battle with cancer through it. Krisha and Esha came up with the idea to fundraise for them because of the connection the community had with cancer. Selling ornaments was a perfect idea, just in time for the Christman theme and holiday spirit.


They promoted their Ornaments Sale by sending the information around to the community and family and friends. Sonali, our director of General Services even helped out and got most of the ornaments, along with the founders of Holt Brothers.

Favorite Part

For Krisha, it's making the ornaments and getting materials. Met up to shop and make them.

Krisha mentions the most memorable moments were crafting the ornaments and gathering materials to get started on the process. Making them together with Esha was the most fun!


Through this project, many different types of skills were acquired. Esha learned the value of using time properly (time management) and that balance was key. For Krisha, preparing, planning, and deciding on the time of obtaining and giving out materials, were important skills she learned, especially for business which is useful for the future!


As always, there were obstacles along the way but the biggest factor was time and how to manage it. A first time for anything can be difficult and at first, Krisha struggled with a plan to figure out what to buy before deciding on ornaments that were in perfect time for the holidays.


Some biggest tips from Esha and Krisha are to not be afraid to ask for help when needed and to do something in your community that is meaningful and connects to you, people are also more likely to donate! And since working by yourself can get burdensome, work with another person that can make the process more enjoyable and time efficient; get your friends or family to help, and contribute to a good cause while having fun!


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