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iCCARE Coin Drive

Esha and Krisha wondered how they could support the iCCARE organization without spending too much time in the busy school year and decided to start a coin drive. (iCCARE stands for the International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education) They realized the community had a significant connection to cancer patients, where many in the community had experience with cancer, so this was a cause they were passionate about supporting.


Esha and Krisha advertised this drive publicly through group chats and flyers placed in mailboxes, which the community enjoyed. Although it was a bit harder for Esha and Krisha to handle during the busy school year around finals, everything went smoothly.


It’s essential to get the word out even if you don’t know how; one of the best ways is to clearly communicate the opportunities you are providing to help people. Keep in mind a coin drive or a similar project, in general, should be motivated by passion, not just something to put on college applications!


To Esha and Krisha, the smallest amounts helped in their drive because even though they were coins with seemingly little value, everything added up, eventually raising $97.80! The neighborhood they also promoted to was more willing to donate than they had expected, most likely because the cause was something the community was able to relate to. Coin drives are a great way to make an impact where every coin can count for your service project, demonstrated by Esha and Krisha for iCCARE!


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