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Note In The Pocket Fun Run

Written By: Asmi Palakodeti

Recently, a member of General Services Foundation, Vrutika Soneji, hosted a virtual and in-person run (Fundie Rundie) for Note in the Pocket (NITP), Note in the Pocket is a nonprofit organization that provides quality clothing to homeless and impoverished students in Wake County. As mentioned by NITP, “Our goal is to provide these children with a full wardrobe of matching, stylish, school-appropriate clothing so they have the confidence needed to succeed in the academic environment.” In total, Soneji raised a total of $180!

How did she do it?

Soneji promoted this event by encouraging people to sign up during General Services meetings on social media applications, and volunteering events. She did face some obstacles as the Covid-19 pandemic raised concerns about attending the Fundie Rundie in-person and as a result had a difficult time getting people to sign up for the event. However her efforts were not in vain! Many people signed up for the virtual run and she even inspired her family members to participate with her!

What was the best part?

Soneji reported that preparing for the run made her more motivated to exercise, especially because working out has been a bit harder during covid, the Fundie Rundie gave her an excuse to go outside, and returned an ounce of normality into her life.


Soneji encourages others hosting their own drives to promote their event on every social media platform possible, branch out to family and friends to spread awareness for your event, target people based on the event, and promote to others in advance of the event.


Vrutika Soneji was able to host a successful drive for NITP despite the trying circumstances and benefit her community and health. If her drive has inspired you to host your own neighborhood drive/project, don’t be shy to reach out to General Services Foundation! We are here to help in any way!


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